django-hitcount: simple app to count hits/views for an object

django-hitcount: a simply django application that allows you to count hits/views on a per object basis. This app came about as an answer to my own question at Am hoping that others will find it useful.

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Source code at:
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Replacing the Capacitors on my Netgear GS108

I got back from vacation recently and found that my Netgear GS108 gigabit switch had died — or rather, it was flashing green lights at me left and right and — even worse — very inconsistenly, at that. Sometimes off, sometimes on … didn’t seem to matter what machines were plugged in.

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New Server: AMD 4850e with RAID 5

Well: the time finally came for me to bite the bullet and buy a new home server. This new machine is replacing my circa 1999 Dell Pentium III 550mhz box that has been running, faithfully I might add, in my basement for the last couple of years as a NAS.  It will also replace the laptop with the broken screen in the basement, which has been serving as my web server.  Since: my file transfer speeds were so appalling (~10MB/s), I am running out of hard drive space, and the box sounds like it is ready to take off at any moment (I don’t think there are any ball bearings left) I thought it prudent to bit the bullet and get a new server.

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Welcome to the blog

Hello and welcome to the blog at

If you have been paying close attention, you will surely have noticed that this is my second blog (in celebration of my two readers). Though much has changed in the year since I first stepped off the boat with, one matter has not: I still fear for my first post — such that it is — and what it all will represent many years from now and how it will, certainly, be a poor attempt at anything.

What to say? How to say it? How to explain in so few words what fewer people will ever read?

This blog serves a distinct purpose (unlike the witticisms and clever prose from my first one): a place for me to document all the little things I learn in front of the computer and then immediately forget and have to re-learn again. Posting my wanderings here, I hope, will shorten the re-learning process.