Replacing the Capacitors on my Netgear GS108

I got back from vacation recently and found that my Netgear GS108 gigabit switch had died — or rather, it was flashing green lights at me left and right and — even worse — very inconsistenly, at that. Sometimes off, sometimes on … didn’t seem to matter what machines were plugged in.

Of course, I googled it and found this post by Jim Beveridge — inside the comments were a suggestion to replace the capacitors.  So, I set about doing it.  I needed to replace the green ones (see image) and got everything at RadioShack.  Cost less than $20 (and I had to buy a soldering iron).


So, out went the green ones (which were bulging) and in went the jumbo-sized RadioShack ones (I would recommend buying them online so they actually fit, but hey: I take what I can get).


Case top won’t fit but a little masking tape did the trick and back to the basement it went — working like a charm!  Would have cost less than $5 if I had my own soldering iron …

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